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Welcome to the CSE 30 class web page for fall 1998. Readings, homework/project handouts, answers to clarification questions, and other cource administrivia will be available here. I will try to give no paper handouts to avoid killing trees; everything from handouts to lecture notes will be on-line, and these Web pages will be archived (or you can dump them into a floppy) at the end of the quarter.

Be sure to check this page periodically. If you have a machine where you are logged on continuously, remember to reload this page to prevent your browser from displaying old information saved in its cache. I will try to get notes for lectures on-line within a couple of days of class. I will also update pages with clarifications as I receive questions.

new! Check out the .align assembler directive (in the Larus handout) if you're getting alignment-generated exceptions.

Note: I will ignore all email from the patron account from the library unless a proper return address is provided. In your electronic correspondences, always include your class account's login name.

new! bsy will be out of town on the 7th and 8th, but outside of that you may drop by if you have questions.

Web pages still being worked on are marked with under construction!. Newly modified pages will be marked with new!.


Textbooks, office hours, etc are in a separate page; changes from those noted in the first handout will be noted there.

The final is scheduled to take place on Dec 11th from 11:30am to 2:30pm. It is closed book -- but you may bring your copy of the Larus handout -- and open notes, except that you are restricted to 2 sheets of 8.5x11 paper. You may write on both sides of each sheet. You can bring magnifying glasses but no microscopes. To prepare for the final, in addition to reading the web pages here, you may also wish to examine the web page from CSE 30 fall last year when I previously taught this course. The previous midterm and final with answers are available there.

Lecture Notes

On-line lecture summaries:
  • Lecture 1: Sep 24 (Read: Chapter 1)
  • Lecture 2: Sep 29 (Read: Chapter 4 -- you may skim the floating point sections; Assignment 1)
  • Lecture 3: Oct 1
  • Lecture 4: Oct 6
  • Lecture 5: Oct 8 (Assignment 2)
  • Lecture 6: Oct 13
  • Lecture 7: Oct 15
  • Lecture 8: Oct 20 (Assignment 3)
  • Review: Oct 22
  • Midterm: Oct 27
  • Lecture 9: Oct 29
  • Lecture 10: Nov 3
  • Lecture 11: Nov 5 (Assignment 4)
  • Lecture 12: Nov 10
  • Lecture 13: Nov 12 (Assignment 5)
  • Lecture 14: Nov 17. The discussion about locking has been integrated into the web page for lecture 13.
  • Lecture 15: Nov 19 new!
  • Lecture 16: Nov 24 (Assignment 6) new!
  • Answer key to the final exam, and statistics
  • Note: Table 3.11 in Patterson & Hennessey is wrong; the a registers are caller preserved. A-24 and other references agree that that is the proper convention.

    Use the following timing for mult and div.


    Unless otherwise specified, all assignments are due before class in one week from the day they were given out.

    Assignment Handouts / Statistics

  • Assignment 1
  • Assignment 2
  • Assignment 3 (score statistics now available) new!
  • Midterm results
  • Assignment 4 (statistics) new!
  • Assignment 5 (sample soln only) new!
  • Assignment 6 (due Dec 4 23:59:59; see here for scaffolding files) new!
  • For your amusement / edification, you may wish to read an old story about how ``real programmers' used to write programs on old machines. This is not material that will be in the midterm.

    When you read the lecture notes, don't be shy about trying out the stuff being discussed. You can have the Web browser window side-by-side with xspim or a shell window and try things out as you read these notes. Better yet, hypothesize / deduce how things should work as you read these notes, and interactively verify them (experimental approach).
    See also: Emailed/Office Hour Questions and Answers Page.

    Course Outline

    The following is a rough description, in time order, of where we are going. This will change with available time, class interest, etc.
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