CSE 30 -- Lecture 7 -- Oct 15

MIPS processor. Handout of SPIM simulator Register usage conventions / calling conventions. We started to go over the following MIPS program:
m:		.word	100
array:		.space	0x200

main:		sub	$sp, $sp, 12
		sw	$fp, 4($sp)
		add	$fp, $sp, 12
		sw	$ra, 0($fp)

		li	$t0, 0
		sw	$t0, -4($fp)
loop:		lw	$t0, -4($fp)
		lw	$t1, m
		bge	$t0,$t1,loop_done
		move	$a0, $t0
		jal	gauss
		lw	$t0, -4($fp)
		sll	$t2, $t0, 2
		sw	$v0,array($t2)
		addi	$t0,1
		sw	$t0, -4($fp)
		j	loop

loop_done:	lw	$ra, 0($fp)
		lw	$fp, -8($fp)
		add	$sp, $sp, 12
		jr	$ra

gauss:		sub	$sp, $sp, 8
		sw	$fp, 4($sp)
		add	$fp, $sp, 8
		sw	$ra, 0($fp)

		li	$v0, 0
		li	$t0, 1
gloop:		bgt	$t0, $a0, gloop_done
		add	$v0, $v0, $t0
		addi	$t0, 1
		j	gloop
		lw	$ra, 0($fp)
		lw	$fp, -4($fp)
		add	$sp, $sp, 8
		jr	$ra
This is a straightforward translation of the OIC program. It is also available as ../public/gauss.mips. You should try running it with the xspim simulator. An improved version would use the mult instruction instead:
gauss:		addiu	$t0, $a0, 1
		mul	$v0, $t0, $a0
		sra	$v0, $v0, 1
		jr	$ra

BTW, I was hoping that one of you would notice this, but there is a more efficient way to do array indexing in the one-instruction computer. The complete replacement for subr-main follows:

; main program.  calls subr-sum, with inputs 0..M-1
; results placed in locations 0x300..(0x300+M-1)
; M is stored in location 0
; assume standard macros (see subr-sum.masm) are
; available
M		.equ	0
array		.equ	0x0300
gauss		.equ	0x0100
ret		.equ	0x0108

move:		.macro src,dst
		subge tmp,tmp,next
		subge tmp,src,next
		subge dst,dst,next
		subge dst,tmp,next

inc:		.macro var
		subge var,neg1,next
neg1:		.word -1

zero:		.macro var
		subge var,var,next

goto:		.macro label
		subge tmp,tmp,label

call:		.macro subr,retInstAddr
		zero retInstrAddr
		subge retInstrAddr,L0,next
		goto subr
		.data		; indicate place elsewhere, not
				; part of the instruction stream
L0:		.word neg(triple(tmp,tmp,LretLabel))
				; L label means local label

		.org	0x0200
		zero i
negClearInstr:	.word neg(triple(array,array,clearbuf+1))
negXferInstr:	.word neg(triple(array,tmp,xferbuf+1))
bumpClear:	.word neg(triple(1,1,0))
bumpXfer:	.word neg(triple(1,0,0))
		zero clearbuf
		subge clearbuf,negClearInstr,next
		zero xferbuf
		subge xferbuf,negXferInstr,next
loop:		move i,N
		call gauss,ret

		subge tmp,tmp,next
		subge tmp,sum,next
clearbuf:	subge 0,0,0	; placeholder
xferbuf:	subge 0,0,0	; placeholder

		subge clearbuf,bumpClear,next
		subge xferbuf,bumpXfer,next

		inc i
		subge tmp,tmp,next
		subge tmp,M,next
		subge tmp2,tmp2,next
		subge tmp2,tmp,next
		subge tmp2,i,loop

endlabel:	subge tmp,tmp,endlabel		;end

i:		.word 0
tmp:		.word 0
tmp2:		.word 0

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