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Welcome to the CSE 30 class web page for the fall quarter of '96. Readings, homework/project handouts, answers to clarification questions, and other cource administrivia will be available here. I will try to give no paper handouts to avoid killing trees; everything from handouts to lecture notes will be on-line, and these Web pages will be archived (or you can dump them into a floppy) at the end of the quarter.

Be sure to check this page periodically. If you have a machine where you are logged on continuously, remember to reload this page to prevent your browser from displaying old information saved in its cache. I will try to get notes for lectures on-line within a couple of days of class. I will also update pages with clarifications as I receive questions.


Textbooks, office hours, etc are in a separate page. Late assignments: Apparently several of you never read the original class intro handout: the policy has always been 10% grade deduction per day late, max 2 days late.

NOTICE: Any cheating will result in failure from the class. You will no longer just get a zero score for the first offense.

The effect of being lenient and give you the benefit of the doubt by just giving a zero score rather than outright failure in the course is to allow you to cheat once. Or additional times if you get away with the first time unnoticed. The purpose of this class is to teach you system programming; while you will collaborate with others in a team after you graduate, you will not be an effective team member if you haven't learned the basics. And the best way to learn this stuff is to do it yourself.

Web pages still being worked on are marked with .

Lecture Notes

Lecture summaries are on-line:
  • Lecture 1: Sep 30
  • Lecture 2: Oct 2 (See assignment 1 here.)
  • Lecture 3: Oct 7
  • Lecture 4: Oct 9 (See assignment 2 here.)
  • Lecture 5: Oct 14 Assignment 2 extension: new due date is Friday, Oct 18, 6pm.
  • Lecture 6: Oct 16 (See assignment 3 here.)
  • Lecture 7: Oct 21
  • Lecture 8: Oct 23 (See assignment 4 and some clarifications here.)
  • Lecture 9: Oct 28
  • Lecture 10: Oct 30
  • Midterm: Nov 4
  • Lecture 11: Nov 6
  • Lecture 12: Nov 11
  • Lecture 13: Nov 13
  • Lecture 14: Nov 18 (See assignment 6 here.)
  • Lecture 15: Nov 20 (Assignment 6 is due Wednesday, Nov 27.)
  • Lecture 16: Nov 25 (See assn 6 turn-in expectations
  • Lecture 17: Nov 27 Virtual memory, threads, exceptions
  • Lecture 18: Nov 29 More threads, review
  • Lecture 19: Dec 2 RSS, semaphores
  • Lecture 20: Dec 4
  • Assignment 5

    Assignment 5 has not been completely graded yet.

    Assignment 6

    The grades for assignment 6 has been emailed out. The following is the grade distribution.

    The statistics for the assignment are:
    77 students handed in something.
    Assignment as a whole: mean  70.3117
                           stdev 23.7324
    Part  1:  mean  6.389610
              stdev 4.196956
    Part  2:  mean  14.727273
              stdev 6.871050
    Part  3:  mean  13.389610
              stdev 13.234308
    Part  4:  mean  17.038961
              stdev 5.650978
    Part  5:  mean  18.766234
              stdev 3.706422

    The grade distribution for previous assignments is available (incl the midterm).

    Final schedule: the final for this course will be given in HSS 1330 Wednesday 7pm-9:59pm.

    A copy of the final examine, with answers is now available.

    When you read the lecture notes, don't be shy about trying out the stuff being discussed. You can have the Web browser window side-by-side with xspim or a shell window and try things out as you read the notes. Better yet, hypothesize / deduce how things should work as you read these notes, and interactively verify them (experimental approach).
    See also: Emailed/Office Hour Questions and Answers Page..
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