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This is the home page for CSE 190, Advanced Unix Programming. new! The results from the final test is now available.

The first handout is available in postscript and PDF formats. There will be no other paper handouts -- everything else will be web-based.

A class message board is now available. Be sure to use it for various Q&A and any class-related discussions. There are some clarifications about the assignment there already.

If you haven't turned in the signed and turned in the class cheating policy form, please do so. You will not receive a grade in this class unless you do so; if I have received your form, I have sent email acknowledging its receipt (and also testing the class mailing list). This was done at Thu, 13 Apr 2000 10:26 -0700 (PDT), and another email announcing the availability of assignment 2 was sent at Tue, 25 Apr 2000 14:46 -0700. If you did not receive any of these emails from me, make sure to check with me to have me check your email address.


All homework, unless specified otherwise, are due at midnight of the due date given below. Do not turn in StarOffice, Word, WordStar, Postscript, PDF, etc formats for your writeups. You may use tar to collect a multi-file handin together, but be sure to omit any core files or executable/relocatable binaries. Mega points off for spamming my mailbox with core images!
Homework / projects
AssignmentSummary DescriptionAssigned DateDue Date
1 What does this program do? April 11, 2000 April 18, 2000
2 "Yet Another Instructional Shell" April 25, 2000 May 12, 2000
3 A Simple Shell Script new! grade statistics now available May 18, 2000 May 25, 2000
4 More Yaish Extensions new! grade statistics now available May 25, 2000 June 9, 2000

You should turn in your homework by sending it to me as email. For multi-file handins, tar(1) it up first and send it as a MIME encapsulation. Remember to use the mail address bsy+cse190.s00@cs.ucsd.edu.


Assn 1

See fflush. The notion of flushing only applies to output streams.

Assn 2

Run gunzip on the Solaris machine rather than on your home Windows box. The Makefile and C source files need to be linefeed terminated when you get them back onto the Academic Computing machines, and some Windows-based decompressors will change them to be carriage return / linefeed terminated. If you ftp them back to ieng9 in ASCII mode (as opposed to binary), the reverse transformation should happen, but it's best to not rely on it.

You may not use the system(3s) library routine. Instead, use system calls directly.

Lecture Summaries

Here are a quick listing of the topics that I went over in class. These summaries are not intended as class notes -- you should take notes in class yourself, since the process of taking notes forces you to distill the lecture's contents and you're far more likely to remember than if you had notes given to you.

Note: in the lecture summaries you will find hyperlinks to on-line manual pages. This is a web server that is running on a machine that is configured differently from the ACS machines that your OCE accounts are on, so there may be some differences in the commands that are being described. When in doubt, go to a local shell window and use the man command to look at the manual pages on the local machine.

Lecture Summaries
Lecture Date
1 April 4, 2000
2 April 6, 2000
3 April 11, 2000
4 April 13, 2000
5 April 18, 2000
6 April 20, 2000
7 April 25, 2000
8 April 27, 2000
9 May 2, 2000
10 May 4, 2000
11 May 9, 2000
12 (midterm new!results) May 11, 2000
13 May 16, 2000
14 May 18, 2000
15 May 23, 2000
16 May 25, 2000
17 May 30, 2000
18 June 1, 2000
19 -- Review for Final Test June 6, 2000
20 -- Final Test June 8, 2000

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