bsy's Software

The current (or near current) version of his Hypertext Webster Gateway Interface is now available. This is a client of the RFC 2229 dictionary server protocol, gatewaying service to the Web as a CGI program. It currently runs on a Sparc5, at a load average of 0.3 or so during peak hours, servicing about 36,000 hits per day.

His portable process checkpointing package is also available. There are known problems with using it on Linux machines (glibc weirdnesses), but other architectures are fine.

His program to forward electronic mail to his pager or cellular phone, mail_page, is available. It is intended to be used from procmail, so that only some email, e.g., those from my girlfriend, are converted to pages. The perl script attempts to ``compress'' text using a vowel-stripping heuristic to maximize the amount of information sent while retaining readability.

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