Information on Fellowships

This page contains pointers to information on scholarships and fellowships. All CSE graduate students are encouraged to apply!

UC resources

  • OGSR money matters
  • Beth's fellowship page
  • External Funding Agencies

  • NSF's fastlane server, which includes the Graduate Research Fellowships application information. The 2000-2001 fellowship should be announced around August, 1999.
  • DARPA Information Technology Office solicitations
  • DARPA Information Systems Office
  • External Fellowship and Related Info

  • Merrill Lynch Forum Innovation Grants Competition. They're offering $150,000 in prize money to Ph.D. students who can "creatively and accessibly answer questions about the commercial applications of their thesis". There is a first prize of $50,000, two second prizes of $20,000, plus up to 8 other individual prizes. See the official blurb at the Merrill Lynch web site for more info.
  • The National Physical Science Consortium Graduate Fellowships for Minorities and Women (NPSC) welcomes all qualified students to apply to their fellowship.

    Stipend: $12.5k/year for years 1 through 4 plus two summers of employment; and $15K/year for years 5 & 6

    Application deadline: November 5 of each year

    Please refer to for more information and application.

  • AT&T fellowships for women and underrepresented minorities
  • Hertz Foundation (deadline around october)
  • FinAid -- a web site devoted to various financial aid matters, including scholarships, fellowships, and grants.
  • Academic Position Network -- search for academic jobs.
  • IBM Summer Interns
  • HP / National Inventors Hall of Fame

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