CSE 227: Computer Security

This is the CSE 227: Computer Security course web page. On this web page you will find the course syllabus, electronic handouts, lecture summaries, homework and homework solutions, and links to other resources.
The final exam is scheduled to be held from 11:30am-2:30pm on Thursday March 21st, 2002, in HSS 2321 (the usual room).

CSE 227 is a graduate course. The course description is

Security and threat models, risk analysis, authentication and authorization, auditing, operating systems security, access control mechanisms, protection mechanisms, distributed systems/network security, security architecture, electronic commerce security mechanisms, security evaluation.

Potemkin Village info. After Grigori Aleksandrovich Potemkin, a real person, so not a literature reference, just that the term is widely used in literature.

The course syllabus is available. If you are interested in learning about some particular topics, feel free to suggest them to me.

Lecture Summaries

Research Papers

Some of these are only for you to read and email me summaries of the paper, clearly identifying the main thesis of the paper, the supporting evidence provided, and identify the security assumptions, security/efficiency/scalability/etc tradeoffs. Others are for individual summaries and for groups to make in-class presentations of about 20-30 minutes each. Individual summaries are due before the class in which the group presentation will be made. Members of the group making the presentation do not have to write a summary.

Presentation Groups

Paper Assignments

Raw handouts directory.


Your grades will be determined based on project, homework assignments, the midterm and the final exam scores. The homeworks will generally be based on the research papers that we will be reading. The breakdown is roughly

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Official office hours are Wednesday 2pm-3pm. No office hours on Jan 16; I will be attending the talk by Dodis. Email me to arrange another time.

Additional Resources

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